Hometown Hot Spot Series - Caffe' Crema - Our Hidden Gem

June 16, 2022

Meet the owner in this short interview over a great cuppa joe.

Have you met Tanya Beers yet? If you haven't met her yet, you are in for a treat! Marcie and I had the pleasure of dining in with her for the "Lunch Local" event the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce organized back in May! We had a wonderful time! Take a minute to get to know one of our local favorites!
Our interview went a little like this:
Tiffany: "What is your go-to drink?"
Tanya: "My go to drink is mostly our house drip coffee taken black. When I really want to sit down and sip on a hot coffee, I prefer an Ethiopian brewed from our pour over."
Tiffany: "What motivated you to open Caffe Crema?"
Tanya: "When I traveled around the country, I had this need to search for specialty coffee shops. Not only is specialty coffee a high quality coffee, but the atmosphere in a specialty coffee shop just has that inviting feeling. I loved it so much I wanted to share my love and passion for it with our community."
Tiffany: "How did you become so passionate about good coffee?"
Tanya: "As long as I can remember, coffee is always a satisfying way for me to start my day. I traveled all over the country and while doing so, I explored a variety of coffee shops. When I finally discovered specialty coffee, I fell in love. The taste is different than any other I have experienced. It is the finest, most unique coffee in the world. Of all coffee, less than 1% in the world receive the score of "Specialty Grade". I had to find out more about this "Specialty Coffee", so I started looking into it. I found out the process of how it is picked and the care the farmers put into each seed and it fascinated me. If you want to know more about the process, you can read it on our website www.thecaffecrema.com."
Tiffany: "Caffe Crema has quickly become a staple in our little town. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
Tanya: "As far as Caffe Crema, I would like to see our business grow as well as to educate our community about specialty coffee with taste testing and hopefully host barista competitions in the future.
As for myself, I would like to travel the world and visit coffee plantations where our coffee seeds are produced."

Not only are the coffees and teas outstanding, but she offers specialty pizzas, a variety of Acai bowls and decadent pastries. The atmosphere has a comfortable uptown coffee shop feel that makes you want to sink into the couch and watch the world go by. Caffe Crema is truly a precious gem of our little town. If you haven't taken a minute to stop and smell the coffee here, what are you waiting for?
Call ahead or place your order on their website on your way to work and they will have it ready for you! (903) 571-8213.

There is always something happening in Cass County. Our little Atlanta is growing and new offerings like Caffe' Crema are popping up! It's a great place to slow down and smell the coffee, for sure!